Cypress Slabs
Cypress Slabs

Cypress Slabs

Cypress Slabs

A Cypress tree is any tree that belongs to the family of Cupressaceae. This is commonly seen throughout the globe with species that are native to nearly every continent. Did you know that cypress trees make an appealing addition to any form of the landscape?

It is simple to pick one for about any habitat, climate, and spot with over twenty-five general and at least 130 species. This tree is any of over 100 species of the tree in the family Cupressaceae. The majority of the varieties of these trees are evergreen, even though deciduous varieties feature needles that become brown in the fall.

Keep in mind that cypress trees grow along the southern coastlines of North America, where they have simple access to swampy, full sunlight, and wet soil. Nonetheless, some kinds flourish along the eastern part of the US. They range from Florida to Delaware.

Cypress trees are present in a selection of extremes and climates. In North America, different genera and species of cypress trees could be seen as far north as Delaware all through to southern Mexico.

At Go Living Edge, we take pride in our wide inventory of Cedar wood slabs. Most slabs have been pre-cut to different sought-after sizes. We carry stock of a broad spectrum of sizes and shapes and have bespoke piece for your needs. Did you know that our slabs are locally and ethically sourced, and are either repurposed or recycled?

Check out below our approximate prices for the following sizes:

  • 6 ft. length x 13 in. wide x 2 in thick: $180
  • 8 ft. length x 13 in. wide x 2 in thick: $220
  • 10 ft. length x 13 in. wide x 2 in thick: $240

Please contact us today. We love helping our customers find exactly what they are looking for. If we do not have it in stock, we may be able to find it using our network!