Go Living Edge is a family-owned and operated woodworking and furniture shop focused on crafting pieces that maintain the natural edge of the wood. Headquartered in the Bay Area, we have been making furniture for family and friends for a number of years before opening Go Living Edge to the public in early 2017! Our custom furniture pieces range from dinner and coffee tables, including bar tables and kitchen counters, to decorative pieces such as bowls and mantels.

We are constantly brainstorming and thinking of new designs!

Live Edge Wood Process

Where do we source our wood?

We go to great lengths to use only the most ethically sourced wood. Firstly, we work with tree companies to recycle the wood they are hired to remove from private properties. Secondly, we use reclaimed wood when we can get our hands on it. Finally, we maintain relationships with landowners in the wooded areas of California’s Central Valley and recycle any dead or downed trees.

Can you tell us about the wood you work with?

  • Claro Walnut grows predominately in California and Oregon and is defined by its rich medley of subtle intermixed colors — browns, reds, black, purple, yellows. This hardwood has been favored in a wide range of applications from high-end rifle and shotgun construction to guitars. We love to see it used for an elegant dining table.

  • Box Elder produces fascinating burls that provide for great live edge furniture pieces. The red staining in the wood is sometimes called “blushing” or “flaming” and really grabs attention. The wood is soft which makes it great for turned pieces but it performs well as a coffee table too!

  • Lodgepole Pine is named so because Native Americans used this tree as a pole for their tipis and lodges. A unique characteristic of Lodgepole Pine is its dimples that result from differences in light reflection. You can really see them when the wood is stained!

  • Western Cedar who doesn’t love the smell of western red cedar? This tree is common to the western US and Canada and the wood has a wonderful reddish to pinkish brown color. Once stained and sealed, this wood will last forever.