What Makes Live Edge Table Unique?

Everybody desires their home to be stylish, while also mirroring the people inhabiting it. One excellent way to add some uniqueness to your living space is by incorporating live edge dining table with your existing décor. These lovely, remarkable pieces could be integrated into a plethora of ways.

A live edge refers to the procedure of using wood, normally in shelving or furniture. It’s where at least one side is left untouched or natural. That enables the natural look of the wood to be cherished by anyone using that furniture. Such pieces add a natural touch to every furniture style and are valued by rustic and western-style decorators.

In this post, we’re going to discuss what makes this table unique and why you must add them to your interior today.

  • Combine functionality and aesthetics

Did you know that this wood table have two purposes? They are extremely durable and functional apart from its aesthetic properties.

  • Bring nature into your home

Do you want to connect your inner self with the great outdoors? One way to do that is by integrating a piece of nature into your living area. In fact, researchers have proven that it helps boost our connectivity with the environment, helping us lessen our anxiety and stress.

Using this custom table for the top of your dining or coffee table makes the piece feel “alive” rather than being “dead,” similar to those derived from synthetic materials.

  • Custom-made to fit your living space

A live edge table fits well in any type of room. The style you pick can be integrated into your space. Further, the pieces are designed in such a way that they fit perfectly and easily in whatever room you wish to put it in. Hence, offering your room a modern, sleek look.

  • Adds a focal point

Living edge slabs offer a natural, organic touch to wherever they’re located. Your eye is surely attracted when you walk into a room that has one. That’s especially true if the item is big, like a kitchen island, counter, coffee or dining table. The rustic beauty and look of the wood are difficult to resist.

  • Uniqueness like no other

Each piece of the live edge table has no equal. They are created such that they retain part of the original shape of the tree. They have a natural attractiveness from their unique knots and grains, offering them an organic appearance.

This furniture is also made so the owner can enjoy the natural aesthetic marks like knots, grains, cracks, and other imperfections, which aren’t seen in other tables.

Caring for a live edge table inside your home is as basic as caring for any solid wood furnishing you have. Regular cleaning and dusting help to keep your table looking like new through the years. Make sure you keep the surface away from the heat by using hot pads and placemats.

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